Archive - 2014 Illinois 21st CCLC Spring Conference

Thursday May 1, 2014
Prairie Capital Convention Center, Springfield, IL


This conference focused on providing 21st CCLC grantees in Illinois with strategies, best practices, and program management guidance to assist them in the implementation of the their programs. The  conference was organized around three major topics integral to our work developing high quality afterschool programs.

  • Academics Afterschool
  • Continuous Program Improvement
  • Afterschool Enrichment

Conference Objectives

  • To draw on the knowledge and experience of Illinois 21st CCLCs
  • To share evidence-based practices and emerging promising practices that support 21st CCLCs in achieving their program goals and meeting state program requirements
  • To create opportunities for networking and to increase communication across 21st CCLC programs




Related Files

Making Moments Matter in Math Using Common Core Rigor, Fluency, and Fun!

Renee Hawthorne, Site Coordinator, 21st Century Preparatory Center, Park Forest–Chicago Heights SD 163, Park Forest, IL
Shaunita Jones, Site Coordinator, Algonquin Primary Center, Park Forest– Chicago Heights SD 163, Park Forest, IL

You don’t need to be a math teacher to help students and parents gain a conceptual understanding of math through procedural skills and fluencies. This session offers hands-on math games, activities, and ideas that can be implemented in the classroom or on the move.

Exploring STEM With You for Youth

Monique S. McDowell-Russell, You for Youth Training Specialist, Foundations, Inc., Mt. Laurel, NJ
Jessica Chung, You for Youth Training Specialist, Foundations, Inc., Mt. Laurel, NJ

STEM is for everyone! Learn how You for Youth (Y4Y) can support your program’s potential for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by encouraging students’ curiosity and making STEM activities real, active, and local. Find local resources to support your STEM programming and learn strategies to coordinate with school-day partners. Please bring a laptop, tablet, or internet-accessible device to explore Y4Y during the session.

Turning Bullying Prevention Research Into Action

Stephanie Roy, Special Projects Managing Coordinator, Center for Schools and Communities, Camp Hill, PA
Shileste Overton-Morris, Senior Program Development and Organization Manager, Center for Schools and Communities, Camp Hill, PA

As educators, we have heard a great deal about the importance of bullying prevention and intervention during the school day and out-of-school time (OST) settings. Bullying can have detrimental effects on all those involved and yet, people are often left wondering how to prevent it. How do you empower bystanders who witness bullying? How do you cultivate empathy in bullies? And how do you support parents so that they can help keep their children safe? This workshop will move beyond general guidelines and bullying statistics and provide actual tips, techniques, and lesson plans that OST programs can use to cultivate a safe environment where students can learn, develop strong relationships, and have fun.

Engaging Families Through Afterschool

Sarah Ogeto, Principal Consultant, Illinois State Board of Education, Chicago, IL

This interactive session will focus on how to meaningfully engage afterschool staff, school leaders, and parent leaders in using a walkthrough to assess how current family engagement practices are effective and linked to supporting student achievement. Participants will discover the plethora of innovative strategies, tools, and web-based resources available from the Illinois State Board of Education through the Family Engagement Framework guide and website.

Profile and Performance Information Collection System (PPICS)

Michael Hutson, Program Associate, American Institutes for Research, Chicago, IL

This session will cover data entry for the Annual Performance Report (APR) in the Profile and Performance Information Collection System. All APR sections, general reporting requirements, and common exceptions will be addressed.

Achieving Their Goals: Building Student Success Through Individualized Learning Plans

Heather Fox, Project Coordinator, Pathways Resource Center, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL

Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs) are developed through a student-centered process in which all students are guided through career exploration and development. The resulting plan is designed to help them attain career and college readiness. This presentation will provide an overview of ILPs, including benefits, design, and implementation. A new guide for implementing ILPs will be provided. Attendees will have an opportunity to reflect on how to build on their current service model to provide and enhance the ILP processes.

Girls in Motion: Supporting High School Youth in Their Mentorship to Girls

Rise’ D. Jones, Executive Director, Hamilton Wings, Elgin, IL

This workshop will provide participants with strategies for integrating 21st-century skills with the leadership development of youth mentors. This workshop is based on a program that involves female high school students as mentors to younger, academically and/or socially challenged students in arts-based enrichment. This session will be of interest to participants who want to support the development of older youth through real-world experiences in which they are peer leaders, program planners, and evaluators.

Help Students Identify and Meet Career Goals

Diane Mahinda, Facilitator, Illinois Curriculum Revitalization Project, Springfield, IL
Leah Brock, Counseling Services Facilitator, Illinois Curriculum Revitalization Project, Springfield, IL

Many students leave high school without setting career goals. When they lack a focus or a purpose to their education, they tend to wander aimlessly towards graduation. This session provides participants with resources and tools to help students set career goals and prepare for college and careers. Resources are from the Illinois Curriculum Revitalization Project, a project funded by the Illinois State Board of Education.

#TeamSTEM: Innovative STEM Activities for Teens on Any Program Budget

Kelly Williams, Club Director, Union League Boys and Girls Club, Clemente High School Site, Chicago, IL
Kristin Allen, Director, Illinois Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs, Springfield, IL

Come learn about effective marketing techniques and innovative activities that keep teens engaged and involved in STEM programming. Find out how to offer activities such as music production, video production, and robotics on any program budget.

Aligning With the School Day With You for Youth

Monique S. McDowell-Russell, You for Youth Training Specialist, Foundations, Inc., Mt. Laurel, NJ
Jessica Chung, You for Youth Training Specialist, Foundations, Inc., Mt. Laurel, NJ

Explore how to use the You for Youth (Y4Y) web portal to learn about benefits and strategies for aligning learning across in-school and outof- school experiences. Topics covered will include sharing greater responsibility for student learning, integrating academics into afterschool programming, and partnering effectively with school day staff. Please bring a laptop, tablet, or internet-accessible device to explore Y4Y during the session.

Family Involvement in Expanded Learning Programs for High School Students

Paula Egelson, Director of Research, Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), Atlanta, GA

Getting families involved in high school educational programs can be a challenge. Learn about family involvement research, elements, strategies, programs, and recommendations that will make your secondary expanded learning program a great success!

RtI and 21st Century: How to Effectively Meet Student Needs

Megan Springer, 21st Century Site Coordinator, Bloom High School, Chicago Heights, IL
Tino Villaflor, Science Department Chair, Bloom Township District 206, Chicago Heights, IL
Dr. Richard Baisa, Science Teacher, 21st Century Tutor, Bloom High School, Chicago Heights, IL
Mariba Woods, 21st CCLC Project Director, Bloom District 206, Chicago Heights, IL

This presentation will focus on ways to align your 21st CCLC program with the Response to Intervention (RtI) needs of your school and students. Afterschool tutoring is a great resource for students who are struggling and need extra support. Used as a Tier 1, Tier 2, or even Tier 3 intervention, the afterschool tutoring program can transform your RtI system into a sustainable entity, thus transforming the lives of your students.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Everything You Wanted to Know About the Statewide Evaluation but Were Afraid to Ask

Leslie Goodyear, Lead Evaluator, Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), Waltham, MA
Katrina Bledsoe, Co-Lead Evaluation and Project Director, Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), Washington, D.C.
Sheila Rodriquez, Research Associate, Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), Chicago, IL
Joshua Cox, Research Assistant, Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), Chicago, IL

This session is designed to provide conference attendees an opportunity to become acquainted with the newly revised spring survey, as well as the initiative logic model, which drives data collection. We will also devote session time to discussing the larger evaluation plan including timing of site visits, participant expectations for those visits, and other data collection efforts.

Using Project-Based Learning to Engage Youth in College and Career Readiness Exploration

Nina Lopez, Education Coordinator, Central States SER, Jobs for Progress, Inc., Chicago, IL
Adrean Vargas, Site Coordinator, Central States SER, Jobs for Progress, Inc., Chicago, IL

This presentation will walk participants through the process of creating project-based learning opportunities for students. Attendees will learn how to incorporate 21st-century and employability skills into projects that explore college and careers. This session will equip educators with new project ideas!

Fostering Youth Entrepreneurism and Engaging Stakeholders Through Mentorship and Experiential Learning

Ebele Onyema, Director, Youth Organizations Umbrella (Y.O.U.), Evanston, IL
Ellen Muench, Experiential Learning Coordinator, Youth Organizations Umbrella (Y.O.U.), Evanston, IL

This workshop presents Youth Entrepreneurship Summer (YES!) Camp, an innovative program designed to teach entrepreneurial skills to high school students and engage community stakeholders and potential donors in youth leadership development. YES! Camp meets both enrichment and sustainability goals by allowing youth to embrace their dream careers through hands-on experience. Community members and potential donors serve as mentors and have the opportunity to form a meaningful and lasting connection to and partnership with the program.

Attendance Matters: How Out-of-School Time Can Make a Difference by Reducing Chronic Absence

Hedy Chang, Director, Attendance Works, San Francisco, CA

Based on research and common sense, we know that when students are chronically absent—missing 10% or more of school for any reason—they are at risk of lower academic achievement and eventually dropping out. The good news is that high-quality afterschool programs have the potential to improve school-day attendance by increasing student engagement, building a strong culture of attendance, and helping schools reach out to students who are struggling with chronic absence. During this session, keynote speaker Hedy Chang will explore how outof- school time providers can make the most of the opportunity to help children succeed by ensuring that they are in school every day so they can learn.

Taking a Deeper Dive: Assessing How Your Out-of-School Time Program Can Reduce Chronic Absence

Hedy Chang, Director, Attendance Works, San Francisco, CA

Designed as an interactive workshop, this session will provide you with opportunities to apply concepts discussed in the keynote session and assess how your program can partner with schools to reduce student absenteeism and educate families about the importance of attendance.

Survival Tips for Resource Coordinators

Heidi Dye, Program Coordinator, Children’s Home + Aid, Chicago, IL

For those who may be new or struggling to survive in the role of resource coordinator, this workshop is for you! The presenter will provide helpful hints and tips she has learned along the way. The focus will be on helping your program go from good to great.

Why We Tell the Story: How Improvisation Can Ignite Your Afterschool Program

Bryan Blanks, Site Coordinator, Stark County High School, Bureau Henry Stark ROE, Toulon, IL
Students, Rebels Actin’ Up, Improvisation Group of Stark County High School, Toulon, IL

Building a strong high school 21st CCLC program that’s vibrant and energetic can be difficult. This session will highlight theatrical strategies to build a program that will not only have the students buzzing but also grab the attention of the community as well. First, students must be comfortable sharing their stories and experiences. Within these stories, a successful program can be built. Members of Rebels Actin’ Up, an improvisation group, will exemplify why we tell the story.

Transforming Lives: A Community-Based Approach to Social Emotional Learning

Tonantzin Gamboa, Community Schools Manager, Enlace Chicago, Chicago, IL
Cindy Martinez, Whitney Resource Coordinator, Enlace Chicago, Chicago, IL
Elias Corral, LVLHS Post Secondary Coordinator, Enlace Chicago, Chicago, IL
Suzanne Zoheri-Chopra, LVLHS Community Schools Counselor, Enlace Chicago, Chicago, IL
Alisha Warren, Whitney School Based Mentor, Enlace Chicago, Chicago, IL

During this interactive presentation, participants will learn about a community-based approach to engaging youth in programs that impact their social, emotional, and academic success. Enlace Chicago, in partnership with eight Chicago public schools in the Little Village community, transforms school spaces into hubs for community learning that have led to impressive gains in the social emotional learning of Latino students participating in the program.