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March 10, 2021 | March 11, 2021
Special Topic Workshop: Opportunities for Adolescent Learning in Afterschool

In this workshop, participants learned about the science of adolescent learning and development as well as practical implications for instruction, program design, and staff development. Illinois Quality Afterschool staff and guest presenters reflected with workshop participants on how afterschool can serve as an advocate for increased attention and funding dedicated to this age group. Participants also had the chance to self-assess on program strengths and areas for growth to ensure that programs serve adolescents effectively and equitably.


Day 1

Welcome and Introductions

Reaching Teens: The Power of Human Relationships

Science of Adolescence: Guiding Principles for Equitable Design for Youth

Small-Group Discussion

Discussion Highlights and Day 2 Preview

Day 2

Overview and Panel Discussion: Engaging and Supporting Adolescent Learners in Afterschool

Becoming Adolescent Advocates

Small-Group Discussion