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February 28, 2017 | March 2, 2017
Incorporating Social and Emotional Learning in Afterschool
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Springfield, IL | Conference Chicago at University Center, Chicago, IL

Incorporating social and emotional learning in your afterschool program can help to create a safe and supportive environment that inspires learning and creativity. This workshop builds on past professional development events and allows grantees to further explore SEL strategies that their program can use in building student and staff capacity to recognize and manage emotions, address challenges, empathize with others, build and maintain rewarding relationships, and achieve goals.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn what social and emotional learning is (and is not)
  • Learn about the Illinois Social Emotional Learning Standards
  • Learn about child trauma, its impact, and how afterschool practitioners can address it
  • Identify what social and emotional learning looks like in practice
  • Explore strategies for incorporating social and emotional learning into the afterschool setting