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Spring 2022

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  • Afterschool Focus: Making Meaning Out of Data
  • Program Profile: Assessing Needs Pays Off for Cook County District 104 21st CCLC Program
  • News From the Field: Brighton Park Neighborhood Council’s 21st CCLC Successful High School Programming Keeps Students in School

Afterschool Focus

Making Meaning Out of Data

High-quality afterschool programs don’t happen by accident. Regular data analysis can help 21st CCLC programs determine whether their programs are on track to meet their goals and can make any changes needed to reach these goals.

Program Profile

Assessing Needs Pays Off for the Cook County District 104 21st CCLC Program

The Cook County School District (SD) 104 21st CCLC afterschool program in Summit, Illinois, has been providing culturally responsive arts integration programming for just over a year. From day one, the 21st CCLC team has used comprehensive data analysis to plan and implement an arts integration afterschool program.

News from the Field

Brighton Park Neighborhood Council’s 21st CCLC Successful High School Programming Keeps Students in School

The Brighton Park Neighborhood Council helps keep teens in school by using a combination of strategies that includes engaging students the summer before they begin high school, near-peer mentoring, and family-centered support services.

Recommended Resources

Fiscal Management

You for Youth offers a Fiscal Management course to help 21st CCLC afterschool programs take charge of their budgets. The course provides an overview of 21st CCLC requirements, budget and cost principles, and more. This quick course will demonstrate how to develop, monitor, and control program budgets. You will also get tips for coaching staff on fiscal management. Learn more about this training.

National Institute on Out-of-School Time’s Quick Tips for Youth Engagement

The National Institute on Out-of-School Time offers 3 Steps to Bolster Youth Engagement in Constantly Changing Times. You may have these strategies in your toolbox; if so, this is a great reminder with tips for implementation. If you haven’t been using these strategies, you will want to adopt them, especially as you plan for summer programming. Learn more.


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