Afterschool Focus: Attendance and Afterschool

When we think of attendance in afterschool, the first thing that often comes to mind is whether students participate in our 21st CCLCs. But offering high-quality afterschool programming can also help boost student attendance during the school day, a habit that can improve their chances of succeeding in school, and in life.

How can 21st CCLCs improve attendance in school? Attend the Illinois Quality Afterschool 2014 spring conference to learn more. Hedy Chang, the director of Attendance Works, is our keynote speaker. Attendance Works is a national and state initiative that promotes awareness of the important role that school attendance plays in academic success, and Chang is going to address the role of afterschool in student attendance-and achievement.

Her presentation will address the specific needs and challenges of Illinois 21st CCLCs. We are asking project directors and site coordinators to complete a survey about student attendance and other aspects of their programs. Chang will present the survey results at the conference, discuss their implications, and provide some strategies 21st CCLCs can use to engage students in their afterschool programs and support school attendance.

Next Steps for Grantees

  • Register for the spring conference.
  • Complete the afterschool attendance survey (emailed to project directors and site coordinators on March 31.)
  • Learn more about Hedy Chang on the Illinois Quality Afterschool website.

If you need registration information or did not receive the afterschool attendance survey, please contact Marion Baldwin at

We look forward to seeing you in Springfield on May 1!